When May Alcott Nieriker tragically died of postpartum meningitis in 1879 at the age of 39, she was thousands of miles away from her family in Concord, Massachusetts. She was buried in the small Parisian suburb of Montrouge and her husband, Ernest, relocated to his home-country of Switzerland shortly after. There was therefore no one present to ensure the renewal of her lot twenty years later and her remains were subsequently moved to an unmarked common grave. Today, a tombstone stands in memory of her legacy in Concord, but there is nothing to mark her final resting place in Montrouge. Since May spent the majority of her last decade in Paris, studying and working as a painter, it is fitting that she is also remembered in the city that she loved so much. Please sign our petition to commemorate May with a small memorial plaque at the Cimitiere Montrouge: 

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